No. 55


I am a full supporter of pairing dresses with pants. I love the layering effect! At first I wore slim black pants underneath this dress, but now, with summer here, I switched it up with some white denim culottes. When I get dressed or plan outfits, I have a general idea and image in my head of what I'm going to put together. This ensemble, however, happened more by trial and error. I picked the dress, and then I went through just about every pair of pants I own until these pieces matched up, and voila. Outfit made.

Sometimes I find that trial-by-error method of dressing useful. Those mornings when I seemingly cannot find anything (satisfactory) to wear? I choose one piece I know I want, and start mixing it and remixing it with other pieces. Sooner or later, something will stick. It's this method that leads me to "rediscover" my closet once in a while, and see some old things in new ways.

COS dress  Zara culottes  Aldo shoes  Fossil bag  Forever 21 sunglasses  Banana Republic bracelet and ring