No. 53


I'm a big fan of balance. In life, in work, in play... when it comes to my personal style, I employ the same ideal. When I first purchased this blush-pink top, it was one of the first colourful pieces I had purchased in a while, and so a little out of character for me. However, its out-of-the-boxness was also what allowed me to envision it fitting into my wardrobe, especially for the summer. Paired with the pleated skirt (a little more up my usual alley), I had what I considered to be a pretty, feminine outfit. However, I craved adding another element, something athletic or masculine-inspired, just to tip the scales a bit. Hence, the sneakers. 

I'm hugely partial to sneakers (as you may know), and the not-quite-gold-not-quite-silver sheen of this pair was perfect to add. Just like that, a piece that I wouldn't usually wear and a piece that I would was brought together with a usual suspect. Balance.

Zara top  Zara skirt  COS shoes  West Elm bag  Banana Republic ring

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