With spring now securely arrived, I have been, to put it simply, happy. Not that all of winter I was miserable, but this new happiness, this lightness, is fully due to the warmer weather, and it's a different kind of happiness. Funny how just a clear blue sky, and some rays of sunshine while walking down the street can make you feel so good, so in-the-moment. I love it; I love it all.

It's sneakers weather (though, if we recall, even winter didn't really stop me there), it's stripes weather (while stripes are fair game year-round, stripes and sun just go together), and now, trench coat weather! And there is no golden hour like that of spring, and later, even more gloriously, summer. Do me a favour, if you haven't done this already: find that spot of sunshine in your day, take a deep breath, and just bask in it. Please do, and repeat every day. It's self-preservation, self-appreciation, you know?

Gap coat  Gap shirt  Gap jeans  Nike shoes  Fossil bag  Forever 21 sunglasses

Are you basking in the sunshine yet? Are you? Huh? (I'm going to keep asking you... just looking out for you.)

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