... but you know, I kinda do. My English professors probably can't say they approve, but who doesn't like a little mystery now and then? This, however, is not about literature. This said ambiguity is about experimenting with different silhouettes in your clothing, adding some structure, fluidity, or interest, a little "wait, what? Is she wearing pants? Is that a skirt? A hybrid? Have mercy, I need to know!" The questions that have the ability to keep you up at night, you know: that kind of ambiguity.

Alas, they are pants--gaucho pants, to be exact! (Anyone recall Never Been Kissed?) During my trip to Mexico I styled these more formally, and if you are on the fence about gaucho pants/culottes, a pair of heels will instantly make them more accessible. This pair, being quite loose and wide, I did find difficulty in styling more casually, mostly with the shoes. When I'm in doubt, however, I'll keep it simple, and very void of colour. These kinds of challenges, though, keep it interesting, and give me chances to step outside my usual wardrobe a little bit.

"Are you taking a picture yet?"

Forever 21 jacket  Gap shirt  Forever 21 pants  Zara shoes  Fossil bag

For my fellow students, the end is near, and summer is coming, so keep on keepin' on! For others, spring is definitely here now, and it is beautiful. There's always something to keep us afloat, so keep on smiling, friends. :)

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