While waiting for the whole of winter to pass into lovely spring, I went off to Mayan Riviera, Mexico for a short stint with my family. This was also after having to write four essays, and so the trip could not have been a better break for me. I am incredibly lucky to have my hardworking parents still insist on having their university daughter come along on their vacations, along with my two lovely sisters. Whenever we all get together, there are a lot of laughs. Pair that with sun, sand, and days spent by the poolside, and it makes for a refreshing and rewarding time.

I didn't end up taking too many photos, preferring to simply be there instead. Below are the ones I did manage to snap, so I can bring a little bit of the warmth and blue skies to you.


There wasn't a large beach, but only a small strip of sand before letting out into a lagoon with clear, teal water. Behind that, beautiful rocks met the ocean.

My wonderful parents. (I often play photographer for them.)


I also Instagrammed along the way; you can find those under #theparticularpostcards.

Wishing you all a smooth start to the week, and hopefully an upcoming spring forecast, friends.

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