As an English student now, it's really only a natural thing (I never resell the novels I've had to read for class; I just like to collect them). But I have been collecting books since I can remember. My room at home in Waterloo is without a bookcase, and I just have piles and piles of books stacked against one of my walls. Even in my room here in Toronto, I have little piles of books laying around (strategically, aesthetically, and sometimes colour-coded, if you must know). I have bad habits of buying books before I've even read any of the others I bought the last time. In fact, I have a lot of yet-to-be-read books, which I am very excited to hopefully have the chance to break into in earnest when the semester is over.

The photo above displays some of the titles I have yet to read (but don't be fooled: there are so many more).

What's on your reading list? Are there any recommendations you have that I could add to my ever-growing list?

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