In the sense that I recently celebrated my 21st birthday on the 9th, and this twenty-first post on the blog isn't too far behind. Roll with it? 21 is actually one of my favourite numbers (something about 7 and 3 multiplying together that creates magic in my mind), spring is around the corner, and I'm going to Mexico on Saturday! Plus, these loafers? There are good things all around. Good things all around, I say.

I had not worn this wonderfully warm scarf for a lot of this winter season, so I decided to bring it out on this windy day. In the back of my mind I have started to wonder, "Have I worn all my sweaters enough yet?" It's true. I'm wondering whether I'm going to miss the coziness of the cold (but not the freezing cold itself so much). Do you ever feel that way, in departing a season which you were so exasperated with in the end? Another good thing: it always comes back.

Gap coat  H&M shirt  Gap jeans  Forever 21 shoes  Gap socks  J. Crew scarf

Happy first day of spring tomorrow, friends! Here's to looking forward to the sun.

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