Is the weather finally turning around? I think so, as much as anyone in this area can think so (though I know there will be that week around this month or April where the temps dip a little). I have certainly already felt that shift: the first breath of fresh air that carries with it the slightest, most delicate hint of spring; there is already a lightness to my footsteps. I am so ready for spring.

The outfits I've been making in my head that could only be donned for spring are slowly seeing the sun on their horizons. Naturally, I've also been getting a little ahead of myself (and nature) and have been daydreaming of complete summer weather, with long, sun-shining days and strawberry ice cream. Have I ever mentioned some of my favourite sounds are the rustling of leaves in the breeze, and the clinking of ice cubes inside a cold drink? Dreaming all the live long day.

Forever 21 coat  Joe Fresh sweater  Aritzia pants  Zara shoes  Fossil bag

My apologies, friends, for being absent the past week. I have some lovely content heading your way, however. This time next week I will be in Mexico (can thou say "glorious?") and I will be sure to bring it back with me for all you fine individuals. Keep warming up till then. :)

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