I like snow when it's softly falling and when it coats everything in a blanket that absorbs all sound. I don't like it when it gets slushy and comes down wet like rain. Neither do I find a numbing windchill very pleasing. I do love Christmas, though, and the warm fuzzies surrounding that season. I love sweaters and scarves and hot chocolate and tea (so much tea). All this really goes to say that I really only like winter from inside. But, I might just venture outside sometimes.

We shot this this past weekend, when I visited Graham's hometown of Port Perry for the first time. We headed down to this conservation area used for educational purposes, and it was everything I love about winter (outside). The snow was falling gently, and all around was only peaceful stillness, dotted with our squeaky, crunching footsteps. I imagined I was feeling the same kind of quiet awe that Lucy must have felt, walking into Narnia for the first time.

I even had encounters with some little creatures.

And they also held what I can only imagine to be some sort of important council on my hand.

I am very much a city girl, but at times like this, when I get the chance to be utterly surrounded with nature and something seemingly otherworldly (because this is a completely different world from the city) I am struck. Struck with the beauty and the simplicity, and the just-right sense of being; it calms you from the inside out.

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Wishing you all the calmness in your world, friends.

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