This weekend I was in Graham's hometown of Port Perry, visiting for the first time. His mom was telling me about the Winston note, named after Winston Churchill. His mother, recognizing his busy life but still very much his mother, would leave him notes often to update him on events or remind him of things--she knew he had no time for long, complicated letters. I would like to leave you something of the kind, though I'm not sure how short I can make mine.

It's Monday--I don't need to remind you of this. What I do need to remind you of is this:

  1. Take it easy.
  2. It's only Monday.
  3. A start (even of the week) is always a beautiful thing.

I know Mondays have a bad rap. Anything, though, is what you make it.

I've seen a few times the saying "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content." I did have a good weekend, including a good Sunday, consisting of a relaxing time of baking and drinking tea and watching TV. I could have done some of my schoolwork, but I decided not to. I know by definition this is technically procrastination, but sometimes it matters for nurturing yourself, preserving the time you have and actually making time for yourself to enjoy. I know, also, that it's inevitable, sometimes, to not have a packed Monday. But spend any day (even any time) well, giving yourself a well-deserved break, and I find the time afterward gets a little clearer, and the rest of week looks a whole lot better.

Let's modify it to "Time well spent brings a self of content," shall we? Happy Monday, friends.

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