Do I dare say we are in the home stretch of winter? "It's been long enough!" you might catch me mumbling from the depths of my scarf out on the streets of Toronto. In all actuality, the winter has been pretty forgiving in both the cold and the snow up till now, which, I suppose, is all I can ask for. I'm just going to venture outside only when I absolutely need to.

When we were shooting this, freezing drizzle was coming down, and so you may see my hair look a little icy here. It's a funny feeling, reaching up to feel a thin, frozen layer on your head. It's days like this that I feel the need to be extra cozy, and this blazer-cardigan hybrid does that so well. I think of this as a more comfortable way of suiting. There's the collar of my shirt, and the lapels of my blazer, except all so much more laidback, which I love. It's not to the extent of a Swuit (New Girl, anyone?), but I'm satisfied.

Gap coat Forever 21 blazer Gap top Gap jeans Aldo boots Forever 21 scarf Essie "Licorice" nail enamel

Not just in the spirit of Valentine's Day coming up, but simply because, I want to thank you all for your support thus far. It means a lot a lot to me whenever I hear that you read this blog and enjoy it. I meant what I said in the sidebar: we are going to be very good friends. Sending all the positive energy your way, and Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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