No. 49


First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends! I hope the festivities are continuing smoothly and jovially. Secondly (and perhaps un-Christmaslike), has anyone else been cursing the weather? I'm stuck between resenting sweating in my sweaters and cringing at the thought of the kind of bitter cold that can come with a real winter. I have to say, though, the warm weather has been a dream for shooting; no ice, no need to worry about exposed ankles, and best of all, being able to stay outside. I especially love when I can get away with pairing a thin turtleneck underneath my coat, and have no need for a scarf otherwise to battle the wind. 

Putting this outfit together was a testament to my appreciation of wearing mostly neutrals--everything seems to just fall into place when everything already inherently matches. I find every little detail (when dressing neutrally, monochromatically, etc) both helps to add interest, and is emphasized by the simpler palette itself. Take, for example, these pants: the self-tie belt, the foldover front, the drop crotch, the cropped length, the marled grey texture--it's all so great together! It may seem like I'm just going on and on about a pair of pants, but seriously: (and this is universally applicable) the details count.

Banana Republic coat  Gap sweater  Zara pants  Aldo bag  Aldo shoes  Ceramic Glaze "Regal" nail polish

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