No. 48


There's been a bit of a craze with all things laced-up, no? Boho-ish lace-up blouses for summer, lace-up flats, and now, in a simpler and sweeter version, the bow-tie blouse. I love all things menswear-inspired, and this blouse is a lovely feminine counterpart to the classic men's bowtie. I love a good collar, too, especially layered and peeking out from underneath a crewneck sweater, so when this blouse came along, I jumped right on board. It's certainly one of the more ladylike pieces I own and wear, but I love it for that exact reason. It may look all nice and sweet, but I can already see it being mixed with some masculine pieces, like blazers and brogues. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, right?

While I'm getting carried away with the blouse, allow me to also be swept away with this coat--this beautiful, lovely coat. Camel, of course, being another thing that's all the rage, but that is, again, with such understandably good reason. It's true, having that camel coat to top off an outfit will add an air of sophistication, effortlessly, and I plan on throwing it over any ol' sweater and jeans in order to bask in my own sophistication, and call it a day. Mm-hmm.

Aritzia coat  Banana Republic blouse  Gap jeans  Aldo boots  Aldo bag  Aritzia gloves

The countdown is ever on and on, and Christmas fast approaching! Wishing you the warmest and heart-bursting season. :)

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