No. 45


Now this is definitely something new for me. I'm sure you've gotten the sense of my love for the all-black ensemble, and I have taken that love and extended it toward its close cousin, grey. The first time I donned this ensemble was actually for this shoot, and as Graham and I were heading out toward our shoot location, I felt quite refreshed, walking down the street, wearing all this grey. I like that about clothing, how it can make you feel something, and embody more than just something to put on. I like this especially when I decide to venture one step outside my usual box, and find that it feels no different, no wrong, but just right, and just like myself.

I'm not the first to say it, but I will continue to stress it: when going monochromatic (and I one hundred percent support you in regard to that life choice), it's easiest to break up the colour with differing textures. Here I incorporated denim, wool, and leather, and the different ways in which they catch the light or hold their individual shade of grey creates a lovely, interesting mixture that is certainly beyond what one may perceive as "blah" when they hear "all-grey." It adds interest, it adds dimension, and when you follow this, you can mix up just about anything.

Banana Republic coat  Aritzia sweater  Gap jeans  Zara shoes  Topshop scarf  Aritzia gloves  Banana Republic bag

A happy and completely non-blah grey Monday to you, my friends!

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