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You know the term "Monday blues?" I can't say I've ever really been a Monday-mope-about, but more of a Friday-follower. I understand, Monday signals the start of the week (and the end of the weekend), and Friday signals the start to the weekend. I never quite understood the aversion to Monday, since it's just a day in the seven-day week. Actually, for some inherent, inexplicable reasons, I rather like Monday simply because my mind and feelings like it, but Thursday is definitely a little less high in esteem. Tuesday's all right, Wednesday's hump day, and the rest are a-okay with me. Every day has the chance of starting out in a good way, and Monday doesn't have to be an exception to that.

I've always viewed Monday as a start of something, and aren't the beginnings of things always one of the highlights?

I recently got this coat from Zara and it is the very first maxi coat I've owned. In the couple times I've worn it outside (needs to get a little colder for more regular wear!) I've realized how much more drama it adds to an outfit, much more than my usual knee-length coats do. I'm also venturing outside my black-grey-white bubble, but navy is just as worthy a contender in my neutral dreams, and so far it's been a welcome addition to the wardrobe.

Zara coat  Joe Fresh shirt  Gap jeans  Zara shoes  Fossil bag

A very happy Monday to you, my friends. :)

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