No. 39


I like the way time varies, the way my day can vary. I like the way my style varies, depending on the day. In fact, I like how things can vary, period. Some days you'll find me in a sleek and clean ensemble of collared shirt and real pants, and some days you'll find me getting funky--a little "street style," if you will--which is usually ("But not always," she reminds you, with one finger raised) when I wear this cheetah-print coat. Most of all what I like having vary is the way I can wear a piece of clothing. One of my favourite comfy things to throw on, and one of the rare dresses you'll see on me, is this black t-shirt dress. As one of my favourites, and subsequently one that I would rather not retire during any season, this look is the first of three ways I'm styling the dress, bringing it from bare-legged summer to multi-layered fall and winter.

I've been on a shift with my wardrobe lately. I'm making a big move to edit out of my closet all the pieces I no longer wear or love, and trying to be really strict on it, too. As such, my closet's slowly starting to get a little smaller, and while it's making me dream of all the new things I could put in to replace the old, it's been stimulating to my creativity to work with and mix around what I have and love. In this regard, pieces that can be worn year-round, multiple ways, are invaluable. Like I've mentioned, it sparks some creativity in me, and I hope this will spark some in you, too. There's nothing quite like seeing things--especially something as familiar and cornerstone as your wardrobe--in a new way, or as part of multiple possibilities.

My first method of bringing a dress into fall temperatures: throw it over your favourite jeans. Originating as a t-shirt dress, I am literally turning this one into a t-shirt. A long-ass t-shirt at that, but you know what? I kind of love it. It's flowy,  it keeps the fears of showing butt-crack at bay, and any new variation on the t-shirt and jeans combo is always a winner.

Joe Fresh coat  Gap dress  Gap jeans  Gap hat  Old Navy shoes  Zara bag

Stay tuned for the next two variations on this dress. Meanwhile, what's your variable, friends?

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