Last outfit post I talked about the opportunity that presents itself when the weather decides to get that little bit warmer to bring the sneakers out. I have now expanded that to identify snow as being the only barrier. Otherwise, sneakers you will find me in.

Shooting this was a nippy day, and I'm going to go ahead and complete the rhyme by saying I bundled up (mostly) all in grey. This has been my go-to coat lately, especially for the colder days (the other coats have now become "fun" coats, as in "Hallelujah, I can wear this outside without losing sweet feeling in my limbs" coats). It actually came with a matching belt to cinch the waist in, but I, ever the lover of slightly oversized clothing, preferred the straight silhouette that resulted from doing away with the belt.

When situating your outfit around one colour or scheme, the key is to play with textures. Not only that, but play with volume and length. Mostly I was going for texture here: chunky sweater, smooth coat, straight-cut scarf. Also, if you're braving the cold to wear those sneakers (all the power to you!), and you can't do without rolling your jeans, break out the socks, too. Sweaters, sneakers, socks, and cold will coexist beautifully.

Gap coat Aritzia sweater Gap jeans Zara shoes Gap socks Fossil bag 360 Sweater scarf Essie "Cocktail Bling" nail enamel

I'm hoping the weather isn't stopping you from wearing your favourite items either. For me, they definitely add a little brightness to what is starting to feel like the familiar dragging on of winter. Keep those heads up.

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