And thank goodness that it does; it gives our poor faces a break from that wrathful wind chill. Another plus that I am admittedly slightly more excited about when there's a break in the cold winter weather is the chance to wear what would normally not fare so well in snow and slush: sneakers. And oh, I love me a nice pair of sneakers. (Graham just knew this all-black pair of Nike Roshe runners would be the stuff of my dreams).

When the weather gets that little bit milder, I'm also breaking out the sweatpants again (though, to be honest, if I'm really feeling it and it's still -30 outside, I'm probably going to brave it). The zippers at the ankle are just the kind of small detail I look for to add some edge and character; small things like that carry more weight in the impact of an item than might be apparent at first glance, and I love that. I didn't want to keep the entire ensemble too lax, and so I added a little structure with a white button down--the longer length I owe to shopping in the men's section--and another layer for dimension with the slightly cropped sweatshirt.

Aritzia sweatshirt Gap shirt (men's) Gap sweatpants Nike shoes

Let us hope the air doesn't hurt our faces for too long at a time. Keep bundled up, friends.

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