In actuality, this number doesn't have a great amount of significance to me, other than its being known as being lucky. I don't really have any numbers which I attribute any happenstance to, but I am a fan (just because) of certain numbers like 42, 17 or 21.

More interesting for me is the seemingly innate attraction we have to certain things, like shapes, or colours. Similar to a gut feeling, and a gut feeling is a gut feeling. I think, in a way, it's our inner selves reaching out to the things that speak to us and touch us the most, to keep them in our sight amongst all the other things that don't seem to connect to us in quite the same way. Connection, balance--gotta stay true.

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I have been on a serious black-and-white kick lately. Really, though, with the two being so contrastive yet harmonious, it can do no wrong. With the plaid coat being the focal point of the outfit, all the other components were easy to add. That is, they were keeping the balance. This is what drives my thought process of dressing every day, what my gut feeling tells me to do (it's the best judge, after all). When I listen to that and wear what I want, I find everything else follows suit and aligns. Maybe not necessarily in that order, but man, is it beautiful when everything aligns.

So listen to that gut feeling and go out there and do what you want to do, friends. Chances are it's going to feel just right.

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