It's the start of a brand new year, and this little blog o' mine has only been around since the end of last year. That being said, the time and space ahead for this blog is of an infinite amount. There's something about being able to look ahead and see only beautiful opportunities of absolute possibility. I'm not one for solid resolutions, but I do love setting somewhat of a theme and method for the year, which I shared in the last blog post.

Forever 21 coat Joe Fresh shirt Gap jeans Joe Fresh boots Fossil bag Revlon nail colour, "Queen of Hearts"

Another repeat culprit of my closet that will make itself known is a good striped top. I strongly believe that no two stripes are made alike, and in so thinking I have a sizeable collection going. (I know I'm not alone on this one). As for the topper of the outfit, this beautiful black coat was gifted to me by my little sister for Christmas, and while it may not have been as cold at the time of taking these photos, this coat is serving me real well in the severe wind chill Toronto is experiencing currently. Bundle up and keep warm, friends!

For those of you that have seen the start of this blog with me and those of you who are joining from here on in, thank you for your company thus far. It's going to be a mighty good time.

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Photos by Mai Be.

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